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Law Offices of Jeanine Lehman P.C. publishes the Dental Legal Update. The business and regulatory issues apply directly to Texas dentists. The information is also helpful to other Texas health care professionals.

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Nov 2023 Wins for Dentists in the Texas Lege!!

** Dental Insurance Reform; Local Anesthesia by Hygienists; Windfall Property Tax and more **
May 2023 Non-Competes: MAJOR CHANGES POSSIBLE!!

** Banking Crisis: FDIC Insurance Limits; Diversification; Credit Availability and More **
October 2022 Patient Credit Balances Can Trip You Up!!!

** Pitfalls for Practice Sales and More - What do YOU owe the Texas Comptroller??? **
August 2022 Dentist Employment Agreements

** Non-competes in the Crosshairs **
July 2022 Teledentristry Rule Adopted

** Commercial Real Estate Broker in Practice Sale; Employers Eligible for Covid Unemployment Tax Relief **
June 2022 Selling Your Dental Practice: Planning and Execution

*** What to Watch Out For ***
March 2022 Federal Regulatory Pitfalls: Excluded Individuals and HIPAA Sham Mailers

** Real Estate Tax Tips **
November 2021 Spotlight on Teledentistry

Veteran's Benefits - New Texas Entities
October 2020 Pandemic Dental Board Update

SBA Throws Monkey Wrench Into PPP Loan Forgiveness
March 2020 Death by Deed Restriction Could Derail Your Practice Sale

Divorce Decree Does Not Transfer Title - Deed Must be Recorded; Rights of First Refusal
October 2019 Social Media - HIPAA can make you YELP!

Failure to Refund Sickens Doctors; Overtime Rule Changes; Leases - Triple Net Trouble
July 2019 Sick Leave Preemption Bill Dies and More

Student Loan Relief; New Hire Reporting
March 2019 Who Owns Your Website and More

Dental Board Gets Nailed!; Custodian of Dental Records
December 2018 Sick Leave Leaving??;

Sleep Dentistry Rule; Scam Targeting DEA Registrants
September 2018 Your Dental Office Lease - Critical to your Success;

Austin Paid Sick Time Ordinance Update; Governor's Office Oversight of Rulemaking
June 2018 Janitorial Fraud Ring Targets Austin Medical Facilities - Who's in Your Office;

City of Austin Sued Over Sick Leave Ordinance; Anesthesia Rule Update
March 2018 Cover All Your Bases When You Sell Your Dental Practice;

Anesthesia Rule Alert
December 2017 Veteran Owned Business Entities: New Fee & Tax Breaks;

Dentistry in the Antitrust Crosshairs; Office Manager - 1.2M Identity Fraud Scheme
September 2017 Illegal Stock Issuances: New Remedy

Opioid Epidemic; Amalgam Separators Rule; Specialty Advertising Lawsuit; DSO Report
July 2017 Texas Sunset Bill Passes: Anesthesia in the Spotlight

Practice Tip: Death & Incapacity in your Dental Practice - Part 2
April 2017 Flood of Website Accessibility Lawsuits under the ADA

Practice Tip: Death & Incapacity in your Dental Practice
December 2016 Specialty Advertising: National and Texas Update

Practice Tip: Unsigned Employment Agreement and Noncompete
September 2016 Sleep Dentistry & Anesthesia: Finger on the Pulse

Practice Tip: Preparing to Sell Your Dental Practice
June 2016 Regulatory Roundup: HIPAA, Employment & Sunset

City of Austin Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance; HIPAA Testimonials; Overtime Rule; Staff Sunset Report
March 2016 Advertising of Specialties Rule Unconstitutional

December 2015 Unclaimed Property: Patient Credit Balances, Embezzlement & Found Money

October 2015 The Gavel Fell: DSO Court Cases, Ownership & Unauthorized Practice of Dentistry

July 2015 Texas Legislative Update & Dental Board Update

March 2015 Employment Minefield: Overtime Woes

Legislative Update
November 2014 Giving the Pink Slip: Employee Termination

Dental Board Update
May 2014 Texas Dental Board Sued on Specialist Ad Rule: Commercial Free Speech Claims in Federal Court

Legal Tips
October 2013 Dentist Employment Contracts

Texas Legislative Update: Dental Services Organizations
May 2013 Dental Office Condo Purchase: Be Your Own Landlord

Rx for Doctor Shopping: Prescription Access in Texas
HIPAA Practice Tip; Unclaimed Property
December 2012 Texas Dental Advertising Revisited: New Rules

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis & Treatment
Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Treatment
Wastewater Permits
September 2012 Texas Dental Advertising: Proposed Rules & More

Dental Board Meeting
Medicaid Alert: Improper Solicitation
March 2012 Cover all Your Bases When you Sell Your Dental Practice

Informed Consent: Texas Dental Board; Texas Medical Disclosure Panel
September 2011 Texas Legislative Update: Budget Cuts & More

Texas Dental Board Meeting: Public Comment
     Dental Technician Representation
     Chinese Dental Labs
     Dental Therapists
     Expert Testimony
Texas DPS Backlog: Controlled Substances Certificates
July 2011 Internet "Coupons": Dental Practice Time Bombs
March 2011 Texas Legislative Update

Business Law Workshops
Dental Board Update
Red Flag Rules
Drywall Problems
December 2010 Buying a Dental Practice:  Deal Points

Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare Compliance Plan
EPA Dental Mercury Rule
October 2010 Financing Your Dental Practice:  Tips & Terms

Americans with Disabilities Act: Chemical Sensitivity
June 2010 Dental Incorporation:  Ownership Options for Your Dental Practice

[Note to Physicians: Texas licensed physicians are
eligible to use Texas professional associations for
their practice of medicine, but are not eligible to
use Texas professional corporations.]

Sales Tax on Dentistry?
HITECH:  Health Info. Breach Notifications
March 2010 Your Dental Office Lease - Watch the Terms

Franchise Tax
Registered Agents
Identity Theft/Driver's License Number
Dental Assistants - Additional Procedures - Coronal Polishing

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